End of the Year Teacher Tag!!

With the end of the year approaching and summer break at our door step, I thought it would be fun to do the teacher tag. This is a fun way to get to know me and gives you a little more insight on my background as a teacher. Enjoy!

download.jpg1. What grade do you teach and how long have you taught that grade?

I currently teach 6 grade literature and have only been teaching this grade for two years. Previously I have been a 4th grade teacher and a 5th grade teacher in another district.

2. What adjective best describes you as a teacher? And why?


Being a teacher can be challenging, each day we are met with obstacles that can change our moods and even break us if we let it. I’m all about keeping my own energy high and protecting it from anything negative. I have found that working with middle schoolers can easily zap any positive energy you woke up with if you let it. Not only is it exhausting working with this group of children but it can be difficult.

Middle school kids are going through physical, emotional and at time behavioral changes at this point in their lives. Their parents and most importantly the people they spend the most time with, their teachers get all the back lash from them. Staying optimistic by always looking for the bright side of a situation, has always worked for me in difficult situations. I’ve found that being compassionate towards my students and keeping my classroom a fun safe place has allowed these negative energies to cease.

images3. If your life as a teacher was made into a movie, what movie star would play you?

If my life as a teacher was made into a movie I think Christina Milian would play me. We have similar features, has always been a positive role model and seems to be a positive person. Let’s not forget that she is just drop dead gorgeous as well.  So, I think she would be the best fit.

4. Think of a lesson from this year that you’re especially proud of. What made it so special?

I am especially proud of the book club unit I did 4th quarter with my students. In this unit students were given a lot of choice, with this choice I allowed them to choose a book to read, group members and meeting times. I allowed myself to become the facilitator in the classroom while students read their books independently, met in groups and discussed their readings.

My students were so excited to meet with their group members each day to talk about what they had just read. I found that their motivation to read had increased and students were on task. The unit ended with a final project which allowed students to work cooperatively to get the task done. The final projects turned out amazing as students presented their presentations to the class. I found that my students had a better understanding of the novels they read because they had taken ownership in their own learning.

5. Tell us about a student that you think you’ll likely remember forever.

This is a hard one, there are several students I would likely remember. I can think back to my first classroom of 4th graders, they were special because I had been their student teacher and looped as their 4th grade teacher when I got hired at the school. I will always remember those students. There are several students that I teach right now that have left an imprint on my life this school year. Each year my life is changed and constantly shaped by the students that enter it. Remembering just one student would never justify this truth.

download6. At this point in the year, how do you feel about the teaching profession?

At this point in the year, now that summer is a few days away. I still love it! Lol! No, seriously though I do inspire to do more things within the education profession but right now my love is the classroom. The classroom is the best place to start, it’s where you are going to learn everything you need to know that will make you successful in the future.

7. How do you keep your job fun and engaging (no matter how long you’ve been teaching)

I keep my job fun and engaging by introducing new practices and strategies into my classroom. I am not afraid to take risk. If I learn about something new then I try it in my own classroom, if it works then I keep it, if not then I move on to something else. I also like to create lessons that are fun and engaging not only for my students, but for myself as well. In order to hook my students I have to like what I am doing. I believe adaptations and change are what keep teaching fun and engaging.

QEFF76378. What has surprised you the most since the school year started?

The thing that surprised me the most is how much some of my classes have grown. Using a new reading model in my classroom, reading workshop, has really increase the rigor. I am proud of the way this practice turned out as it enhanced my instruction and improved student learning. This is a practice that I will continue to use in my classroom next year.

9. Social Media – Who are your favorite teacher tubers? Teachergramers? TeacherTweeters?

I love to watch Smartie style, The Lettered Classroom and Pocket full of Primary. They all post amazing videos that are lengthy on a weekly basis so that takes up most of my time. I don’t really have time to watch anyone else.

10. What is the last thing you took a picture of? Show us.

F6250ABC-9C79-4BA9-94B9-7E9B6BD3C1CAThe last picture I took a picture of is my students helping clean up the classroom. In this picture we are taking down the posters around the smartboard. It’s a bitter-sweet moment but is also full of so much excitement for the future.

11. Complete this sentence. If I weren’t a teacher, I’d be……

A literary agent or editor. I love to write and have written a young adult novel. I am currently working on two more novels and plan on publishing them in the near future. Incorporating my love of reading to my love of writing has worked for me. I have found that my job as a teacher fits quite well with my aspirations and I can’t wait to live what happens!

12. Who is your teaching hero? Tell them one thing that you really appreciate about them.


I don’t have a specific teaching hero. I believe that every teacher that is waking up and going to their jobs each day with the love to teach is a hero. This is not an easy job and anyone who is doing it for the goodness and kindness of their heart because they love kids are the true heroes. Each day we get to make a choice, a choice to impact someones life. Each day we get to choose to be heros. That is what I appreciate most about this profession.