The Best Parent-Teacher Communication Tools to Use

Parent communication is an important factor when it comes to running a successful classroom. It is vital for the teacher to keep the parents involved with their child’s learning on a consistent basis. The teacher is  responsible for establishing a communication tool that will be used for the school year. Due to the expansion of technology there are several tools to choose from. Choosing the right tool to fit your classroom and parental needs will benefit both parties involved. The best part is that these tools can be operated right from an app on your phone, computer or tablet.  The day’s of picking up the phone to reach out to parents is over, the best way to communicate fast and effectively is through one of the popular programs mentioned below.


Remind is a communication program used to keep parents informed with what is going on in the classroom. The app operates as a messenger between the teacher and parent. The teacher can send messages about homework, classroom policies, and school wide events. The messages can also have files attached that will then produce an image for the parent once they click on it. Missing assignments, fliers or homework pages can be sent to parents through this app.

Parents can also message the teacher back if they have a question. This feature is optional for the teacher and can be turned off or specific hours for private messaging can be established. . Remind can be used for elementary schools, middle school or high school. To sign up the teacher will need to provide the parent with a code that can be texted through the phone.

Once this personal code is sent then the parent can download the app or pull it up on their web browser. The best part is the parents are not the only ones who can sign up, if the student has a cell phone then they can download the app and keep track of their own classes. This works great for middle school and high school students who have multiple classes. With its user-friendly and simple features parents will find this app easy to download and use.

downloadClass Dojo

Class Dojo is a popular app among elementary school teachers with its emoji icons and colorful theme. This app is a great tool to use to keep parents involved with everyday learning in the classroom. Some of its features include; sending group messages, private messages, posting pictures, adding more than one classroom and tracking behavior. It is simple to set up the classroom with each student having a monster themed emoji. The teacher can set up the point system they want to use and the messaging features they want to use with parents.This tool is set up for the teacher to use on a daily basis. Some teachers post classroom dojo on their smartboards and add or subtract points for student behavior throughout the day.

Students can be grouped if they sit in tables and the teacher wants to add table points. Students can also be grouped together if the teacher is playing a game in the classroom and wants to keep score. Once parents sign up for this app they will be notified every time their child gets a point or loses a point. At the end of the week the teacher can run a report and send it home to the parents. The report consists of a pie chart that breaks down the points earned throughout the week.

The program takes the place of posting a behavior chart in the classroom. This app works best when a teacher has a small classroom to manage or one. Multiple classes may become overwhelming as the teacher keeps track of each student. This app would work best in an elementary setting. Now, the teacher can establish a system to track behavior online and communicate instantly without picking up the phone.


Classloom is another popular app among teachers and parents. It includes several features such as sharing events taking place at the school with students and parents, posting homework and important documents. The teacher can also post pictures of the classroom, making it easy to invite parents into the classroom instantly. The app has a classroom blog feature that encourages the students to sign up and communicate among each other. The teacher is able to set the security features and monitor the blog closely. Classroom groups and instant messaging are other features the teacher can enable to promote one-on-one communication. The messenger can help parents stay on top of their child’s school work and reminders while also helping students.

The most common features of this app will allow teachers to post homework assignments, remind parents and students of important events, give parents a view of the classroom while keeping everyone in sync. This app is easy to access and download. The teacher can use this app to save time and energy when it come to parent communication.


Edmodo helps teachers focus on teaching, not paperwork. This app works alongside google apps and Microsoft office making it easy to sync with other programs. The parents are able to use passwords and usernames associated with other features on their phone making it easy remember their Edmodo log in. Edmodo is similar to the previous apps mentioned when it comes to communicating with parents on daily basis. The teacher can post homework assignments, classwork, pictures and updated information about school events.

A feature that sets this app apart from the rest is its “spotlight” feature. This allows parents to search the web, discover and collect their favorite resources.  The purpose of this bonus feature is to educate parents about school related content. For example, if the parent is having trouble helping their child with their algebra homework the parent is able to use this feature to find strategies and content related to algebra. There are videos, graphics and charts to help educate parents about the education world today.


Last but not least another popular app for parent communication is Bloomz. With this app the teacher has access to upload and share educational content to parents or students. Similar to the previous apps the teacher can attach documents, photos, update parents about homework and classwork. A cool feature includes the use of creation for the teacher. The teacher can create documents, surveys or sign-in sheets for the parents. This will cut down on the use of paper and provide the teacher instant data.

This app has become a favorite due to its similar features to Facebook. The outline of the app makes it easier for parents who have accessed Facebook before to navigate through the features. Some of these features include posting pictures to a feed and parents are able to comment, like and share. Students are able to sign up and join in the fun of posting, liking and sharing their classroom content. This app encourages healthy communication among the teacher, parent and possibly the student.

Now what?

Now that you have learned about five of the most popular parent communication tools for teachers to use, go out and explore them! Make yourself familiar with the content that is out there to make your teaching life easier.

What is your current communication tool to parents? Try out these apps and tell us what you think! We would love to hear from you.